GTM4WP Developer Sandbox

Welcome the the official developer sandbox of Google Tag Manager for WordPress, aka GTM4WP.

There are multiple goals with this website:

  • New features and fixes will be tested on this site
  • It is a sandbox place for you to see how this WordPress plugin works under normal circumstances (which could change using specific themes and/or other plugins)

You can reach multiple WordPress instances under

  • This website was created to give you a starting point to navigate through the sandbox pages
  • WooCommerce dev site: includes the latest WooCommerce running with the latest Storefront theme. This is usually the best supported combination. Any theme that full adapts the HTML elements, class and id attributes, WooCommerce hooks present in Storefront should be compatible with Google Tag Manager for WordPress.
  • WooCommerce dev site with Klarna checkout: since Klarna uses a very special way to provide payment services on your WooCommerce site, I setup a separate sandbox site with the help of the authors of the official Klarna plugin to make sure I (we) can test the integration with test cards any time to keep compatibility for each other’s work
  • Easy Digital Downloads dev site: the latest, yet under development feature of GTM4WP will be tested here, the site is not yet available

I usually try to update all plugins on to the latest version as soon as possible to make sure any issues with newer versions can be handled as soon as possible.

Please check back to the official GTM4WP blog periodically where I will do my best to keep you updated about the process of plugin development as well as about launching new pages on this sandbox site.